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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  April 4, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. a major development this morning in the corruption case against state senator yee and more than two dozen others. >> a federal grand jury has officially indicted the 26 defendants with charges ranging from political corruption to gun trafficking. he is personally charged with seven counts agreeing to import guns and arrange preferential treatment if undercover f.b.i. agents posing as campaign supporters. the indictments contain no new charges and federal agents did not wait for the grand jury to acted. instead, they arrested the suspects last week out of fear
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they might try to its scrape. >> good morning, i am eric thomas here for kristen sze. ought latest rainstorm is gone now but it did cause problems. did it help with the drought situation? cornell checks it out. >> every bit of rain put as small dent in the drought deficit but we have a long way to go. the clouds have moved away but the drought worries are not going anywhere. >> wherever you were in the bay area this morning, chances are it was raining. check out this downpour on the golden gate bridge. on the peninsula, in foster city, there was a steady downpour that complicated the commute. in berkeley hills, there was so much rain it caused power lines to snap leaving two dozen homes in the dark. >> one of the heavy trees landed on the wire and still a problem in the hills with so many trees
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anywhere where there is ad wooed area. >> pg&e was working to prepare the lines. despite the headaches many were happy to give their umbrellas a work out. >> got a lot rain. that's good. good. it is good for everybody especially the farmers. >> despite the rain, though, do not be fooled, this control room for municipal utilities that sevens 1.3 million, shows the reservoir in sierra is only half full. >> at the end of the rainy system it will be disappointing so most important thing is to be ready to conserve this summer and conserve through the winter because we don't necessity how long the drought will last. >> a shot of blue sky and the weather is really warming up and east bay mud asked for a 10 percent reduction in water use and they will reevaluate that later this month as the some are approaches with the warm
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weather, too. meteorologist mike nicco has been tracking the impact of the storm on our drought and joins us from the roof of the broadcast center with the latest drought conditions. good morning, everyone, you can see blue sky but clouds will get developed enough to drop a scattered showers. that is it for the afternoon, though. the drought monitor, from last week to this week, there is good news and not is good news, the not so good news is the exceptional drought that spread more across the state and the extreme drought shrunk a little bit and you can see in the sierra and toward mount shasta where the heavy snow dropped it to severe drop. rain fall from quarter of an inch in san francisco with the strongest storm moving through the south bay and moving to the southeast. what should you expect? the low pressure to the north
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will scatter showers less than .1" through 7:00 this evening. then it is over. we will talk about warmer wet on the way. >> thank you, mike. bart is experiencing a system-widedly because of an equipment problem in the transbay tube. trains are still running. right now, though, riders are seeing a 20-minute delay. that is down from earlier. the trains have to run at only a third of the normal speed in manual mode because of the faulty equipment that caused a backup during the morning commute and crews are still working to next the problem. pg&e's top management is not visible to the media after the federal indictment over the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion in 2010. abc7 news reporter nick smith caught up with the c.e.o. in oakland. he was surrounded by security. >> he was. i have called the c.e.o. after he smoke to the crowd but his handlers were all over him
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didn't let me express too hard. he did speak after. take a look: this is him speaking at the event. pg&e c.e.o. and president was the key note speaker at an economic summit hosted by green lining institute which is the first appearance before media, the public utility top executive has made since tuesday's federal grand jury indictment on 12 criminal charges. the indictment says pg&e filled to properly identify potential threats to the san bruno pipeline and failed to gather data that could have forestalled the explosion after charges came down they released a pre-recorded statement rather than take live questions from the media. >> we have invested $2.5 billion in the last 2 1/2 years and i want to make clear that our commitment is unwaivering and we will continue heavy the outcome the legal proceeding. >> you can understand the community members are outraged. >> we understand that. we are committed to anything sure that our system is the safest and most reliable.
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>> the utilities says they spent about $2.7 billion in safety-related work since san bruno after eight people died, 66 people were inviewed and 38 homes were destroyed. a consulting audit in 2011 2011revealed they ordered staffers to ignore safety issues and took $150 million earmarked to pipeline repairs and spent it on executive incentives instead. now, coming up today at 5:00 and 6:00 we will have more about pg&e's response to my colleague. new this morning investigators are looking into a suspicious fire at a building used by children's hospital of oakland that broke out near the hospital campus this morning starting in the back of the house on the outside and worked its way inside much the hospital says the home was used for employee training. >> a second bay area-based air national guard team is on the way to rescue a sick baby on a
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sailboat in the middle of the pacific ocean. it is taking police at 900 nautical mile east coast of mexico. the family is aboard a sailboat called "rebel heart." a video of a bet with the same name was posted on youtube. the family called for help yesterday saying that third one-year-old daughter was seriously ill and the first group from the rescue wing set out last night parachuting to the sailboat and the ocean to stabilize the child. the plan today is to hoist the girl on to a helicopter get her to the hospital. >> a union city marine killed by a suspected drunk driver will be laid to rest today. lance corporal andrew silva was part of a unit based in san jose. this morning, we flew over a memorial on the corner of fremont boulevard and decoto where the 23-year-old was held last week with a funeral in union city at none. he will be buried at chapel of
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the chimes memorial park in hayward at 1:30. he was killed while riding a motorcycle on the way to a family event. he just returned from a tour of duty in afghanistan in february. he is survived by his wife and his 2-year-old son. >> family of the soldier responsible for the mass shooting at ft. hood is speaking out for the first time sin the tragedy. the father of army specialist ivan lopez says in a just released statement her shocked overwhelmed by his actions at the texas pest on wednesday offering prayers to the victims of the tragedy, ivan lopez sr. said his son was not in a sane state and average his son was seeking medical treatment but he didn't give specifics. the 34-year-old killed three people and injured 16 others before taking his own life. >> an afghan police officer opened fire on two western journalists in afghanistan killing an award winning photographer, another example of deadly violence ahead of the u coming presidential election. katie marzullo is here with more details.
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katie? >> journalists are reeling from the lost of photographer working for the associated press be being dead, and a reporter seriously wounded. they are committed to covering the people and issues of afghanistan and are brave and nearly. 48-year-old anja niedringhaus internationally acclaim german photographer was killed instantly. in a message to the staff, the president and c.e.o. of the a.p. described her as spirited and fearless with a laugh we will always remember. kathy gannon was with her and shot twice. she is stable and talking to medical personnel. they were in the back seat of their car traveling in an eastern province in a condition provide of election workers delivering ballots and a police commander walked up to their care, yelled "god is great," and opened fire. he surrendered to the other police officers who are add him. a short time later, a bomb exploded in a polling center nine miles away. two people were killed and one of them was a deputy police
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chief. >> the taliban appears to be following through on the threats to disrupt the elections this weekend. a suicide bomber killed six afghan police officers at the interior ministry compound and a council candidate and nine of his supporters were killed but a u.n. special representative to afghanistan said this on wednesday. >> yes, there might be difficulty and security problems. however, the overall preparations, the overall atmosphere is much better. >> anja niedringhaus is the 26 journalists to be killed in afghanistan since 1992 according to the committee to protect journalists. two were kill canned last month. >> thank you. >> the major retailer accused of luring shoppers into the stores deceptive sales. >> a change that will affect all drivers that crosses the golden gate bridge. >> a new fictional book where facebook executive
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>> be prepared, tolerates for the golden gate bridge go up on monday. in official the bridge's finance committee voted to raise to $7 with fast track tolls up to $6 and $4 if you car pool with a family track. start next july they will increase 25 cents a year until
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2018 after the budget shortfall of $22 million without a toll increase. >> dating website and boycott of internet browser after c.e.o. of mozilla gave money same-sex marriage. >> he said though brother tremendous awareness to equal rights for all partnerships a. >> an executive to many women is about to become a comic book hero. facebook executive chairman hand during is the star of "female force," and the company behind this says the book is a
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visual biographer of her life without any super hero powers. previous female stars include martha stewart, hillary clinton, and michelle obama and ellen degeneres. >> banana republic is accused of luring customers with sales signs that claim everything in the store is on sale when, actually, only certain items are on sale. los angeles man says a 40 percent off sign did not apply to the one minutes he wanted to buy and he is suing for $10 million. he wants to build this into a class action case and a spokesman said the company does not comment on pending litigation. >> lpga stars are upset over the cover of "golf digest," the daughter of wayne gretzky is on the corner the she not a golf are but is engaged to a pga star and talks of six golf improvement exercises and her connections to the sports world.
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some stars in the golf world are upset and say this does not pay respect to actual female golfers and, instead, trying to sell magazines to men. the magazine says she has a compelling story to tell. >> okay. great ad, though. i could look at pictures. >> meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with the forecast and the skies. >> no toys needed, a simple gift you can give to make it a happy birthday for a lonely local boy. >> also -- "jeopardy" contestant put a tough question out this for the
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>> covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all bay area, this
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is abc7 news. we have seen through the years anything can happen on "jeopardy." wednesday was no exception. the host asked the contestant about the documentary he would headache if he won the million dollars at stake. >> to try to put a face on who makes our clothes and -- >> maybe you can find out the 8-year-old of the 8-year-olds that make your fancy suits. >> was that a low blow? >> give him a shot. >> you could hear the audience gaps as he talked about the documentary on sweatshop labor but he handled it like the pro he was and in the end, the two posed all smiles for a quick picture. there it is. you can catch "jeopardy" at 7:00 right here on abc7. >> thank you is how you make sure you get invited to other game shows.
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>> what is "awkward." >> exactly. >> he was in "double jeopardy" for a minute. >> moving on...nice to see you this morning and the sun, too, we desperately need more rain, we know, but we will dry out after a week and a half of wet weather with spring warmth coming back if you are waiting to work on your house or the lawn we are 7.5" to 18.5" below average up to santa rosa. san jose looks wet. we had a sure roll through and it is still clinging on to part of the south bay and you can see it right there, the yellows, the orange, moderate rain moving away from santa clara and sunnyvale headed over to alum rock and milpitas and eventually right down 101 and possibly into morgan hill, san martin, gilroy, you can see around campbell, and back to safer telling, --
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saratoga it is moving away and getting closer to 17 moving to the southeast. you can see where the low is, easy to pick out that counter-clockwise twist right here over ukiah and as long as that is still around and we have heating for the day, there is residual moisture we will keep the showers going until about 7:30 and then they will rapidly collapse by 9:00. low-to-mid 50's in most neighborhoods and 58 in oakland so we are chess to where we were yesterday and that is where we will end up in the afternoon. it looks like mount tamalpais zoomed out on its own, and it is blurry but you can see there are clouds lout so rain to scattered showers and increasing sun and warmth through the weekend and a couple of weeks without a go soaking so the area of high pressure is coming back to dominate the eastern pacific. tonight, it will be cooler and you will have to dress warmly but don't worry about the wet weather at the coffee, with 12 innings last night and cocoa hit a walk off homer, cannot guarantee it will be the same excitement tonight but you never
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know. home 40's inland with patchy fog in the valleys and mid-to-upper 50's around the bay shore and to the coast. here is what is happening, a cold front moved through and now the low is providing instability and that is the last one. when it moves through it will shut the door on the rain train we have had the last week and a half. noon, you can see the scattered showers, and 5:00, still there, but less numerous then and it fades away into the evening night, by tomorrow morning it is gone and with the moisture hanging around we will have a chance of fog. look at lake tahoe, a nice dumping and it looks beautiful up in which is how it should have look add couple of months ago with light snow showers today and well before average, take the sun scene. you can get burned quickly with the sun reflecting all of that sunlight, around 70 percent to 80 percent. the seven-day forecast, temperatures at least 10- to 15-degrees warmer by monday and possibly up to 20 degrees warmer on tuesday, the two remain what of the days and warmer-than-average wednesday and thursday and dry after
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today. >> toys and a party is what you would expect a kid to want if his birthday, but, instead, a bay area boy asked for hand written birthday card, the five-year-old devin montoya will turn six in a few days and he moved to travis air force base recently, and he doesn't have many friends, his mother asked him what he wanted for his birthday and wait until you hear the answer. >> he said, yes i thought about it i wand 100 birthday cards. i said, 100? i don't know how i will get that continue but i said, can i get you 100 and he said, no, from different people. >> i will get 100 new friends. >> so he could get 100 new friends. >> one person dropped off the card and his mom homes he will get 99 more by his birthday party on april 13th. right now the story is he has 6,000 "likes" on facebook. >> love that step. >> next, meet this week's
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perfect pet.
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>> at 4:00, a man makes a withdrawal at an a.t.m. and money keeps coming out. >> time, now, for friday moves perfect pet. >> now, from friends of the alameda animal shelter. we have not seen you for a long tie, nice to see you. tell us about this lovely girl.
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>> roxy is about three, really sweet, king to training classes and doing very well with her behavior in oh -- obedience. >> she is a beauty. >> she is a blue pit, and think she is still a puppy. she needs some work, some train ing. prefer bring in a house with no other animals. >> she has been quiet until this point. >> call the animal shelter if you are interested in roxy. we are fast friends. she is very sweet. see you.
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>> oh-oh! hey, hey! hey, how are you? what up? what up? what up? what up, eddie? what up? what up, son? what up? what up? how you doing? good. what up, man? >> hey. >> what's up, boo? >> what's going on? >> come on out here. yeah! whoo. well, hello, and welcome to millionaire. today's first contestant is a behavioral scientist. but when he's not studying the human mind, he's busy practicing something called martial arts tricking. from chicago, illinois, yo, let's hear it for tim lewis! [cheers and applause] what up, tim? >> what's going on? how you doing? >> i've never heard of this martial arts tricking. >> that's exactly it. well, it'd probably be easier to show you. do you mind? >> okay.


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